Aiden Kringen was raised in Sebastopol, a small town in Northern California. He grew up sketching and once out of high school began working doing freelance graphic design and illustration. During this time he began to paint and take part in small group art shows. Aiden then got involved with selling his work through galleries in Napa County and Sonoma County and began to paint full time. Aiden paints in acrylic, also utilizing ink, spray paint and sometimes letraset, and vellum. He paints and draws abstracted portraits and figuratives as well as purely abstract paintings. Aiden has shown his work extensively through the Christopher Hill Galleries, and has recently gained European representation. He is now preparing for numerous group and solo shows within 2017.

His many influences range from artists of the 19th century Vienna Secession, to those of the 20th century American abstract expressionism movement, as well as the contemporary street art movement. Aiden Kringen currently resides in Sebastopol, CA.